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Ian Telfer – Lessons about Debt. Borrower Beware

I’ve spoken about some of the business lessons I’ve learned over the years as an executive in the mining industry and one of the key ones worth discussing with readers of this blog involves debt.

In my mind, and I've spoken on this topic before, one of the biggest mistakes I

Ian Telfer: Fed signals inflation ahead so what’s ahead with Gold

To no one’s surprise, the U.S. Federal Reserve raised interest rates by a quarter point December 14th, the first increase this year. Gold prices have been drifting lower in anticipation of a hike, while the U.S. dollar remains strong. While the market had largely factored in a .25 point increase,

Ian Telfer: Skills That Have Helped My Mining Career

Being an effective leader can be challenging. I think that’s especially the case when you are working in the mining sector. Leadership requires a balance of vision and steadfastness, as well as the ability to be versatile and open-minded, virtues that are often in conflict with each other.

Ian Telfer: Consolidation to be a reality in coming years

While attending IMARC (the International Mining and Resource Conference) earlier this month, two themes emerged as the future focus of the resource industry: innovation and consolidation. I think these two critical factors will lead the mining industry into the next decade and beyond.

Ian Telfer: Mining Innovation Key Topic around the Globe

For companies competing in global environments, finding ways to remain productive and efficient is a priority — companies operating in the mining sector are no different.

Late last month, the Ontario legislature in Toronto held its annual Mining Day and Meet the Miners event, a day-long conference where members of the

Ian Telfer – Introducing New Innovation to Mining and IMARC 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, there is finally good news on the economic front as the Canadian economy is beginning to make steady improvements. Positive economic news is especially promising for Alberta, where it’s been a rough 24 months due to wildfires in Fort Mac and slumping global oil

Ian Telfer: the underdog mining titan on giving back

If you are not active in Canada’s mining and resource industry, you may have never heard of Ian Telfer. Although you may not recognize his name, you probably have heard of the man who is behind the second largest donation to a university business school in Canadian history.
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